2021 — Blog Post

Xenozoopolis: Unnatural Solidarity

Catia Faria

XF is premised on three fundamental ideas: technomaterialism, antinaturalism and gender abolitionism. Despite such big and controversial words, the ideas at its basis are quite simple. Technomaterialism can be here understood as the rejection of the dominant feminist tendency of conceiving science and technology as inherently patriarchal. XF certainly acknowledges the complex network of power dynamics in which technoscientific production is embedded and its propensity for “imbalance, abuse, and exploitation of the weak” (0x02). Yet, “rather than pretending to risk nothing” (0x02), it advocates for its appropriation and redistribution. Once again, technology bears the promise of feminist liberation or, more precisely, of reengineering the world “linked to a collective theoretical and political thinking in which women, queers, and the gender non-conforming play an unparalleled role” (0x00).