2019 — Critical Essay

Breakthroughs & Bait
On Xenofeminism and Alienation

Jules Joanne Gleeson

Mute Magazine

While obviously intended as a jarring medley of dissonant components, a clearly agreed upon point for all the Xenofeminists is that their new strain of feminism was to be a ‘rationalism’.

Rationalism is among the most diverse signifiers in the history of thought. It can refer either to a belief in reason as such, or to accounts of humans which define them as uniquely reason-giving creatures. It can signal either an opposition to vulgar empiricism (as with Sellars and Brandom), or to ‘superstitious’ and religious thinking. It is also often treated in opposition to scepticism: rationalists are those who give reasons, whereas sceptics are those who seek to pick them apart.[5] But the Manifesto is lacking in exploration of what they mean by the term, or its history.