2017 — Interview

Xenofeminism and New Tactics for the Left

Interviewer: Merray Gerges

With: Lucca Fraser

Canadian Art

We definitely don’t want to make any grandiose claims like “All hitherto existing feminisms were bound to localism and fragmentary insurrections.” Feminism has made pretty sweeping, global victories over time. That goes without saying. So it’s more about trying to find what let that happen, what kind of relation to the local and global, to nature, to technology, to alienation, made that possible, and then trying to push harder in those directions. On giants’ shoulders, of course.

MG: Is that what you mean when you talk about the emancipatory potential of technology?

LF: I suppose it’s part of it. “The emancipatory potential of technology” seems like it couldn’t possibly be one, clearly defined thing. Technology reshapes the world, reshapes agency and the channels in the world that agency spreads into.